john marlow rhys


John Marlow Rhys, an spnm shortlisted composer (2007 - 2010)

john marlow rhys
John Marlow Rhys has been involved in music education as Head of Music at various colleges and as lecturer at Brunel University, but now devotes his time to composition.
Most of his works, ranging from simple hymn-tune arangements to large four-act operatic pieces, have been written for and performed by students. They include pieces written in a variety of styles, encompassing post-Schoenbergian idioms and electronic music.
The works listed on this site, however, are almost entirely pieces written for professional performers. A short, but more detailed discussion of the stylistic qualities of these pieces can be found under the main Works.

In Brief

March 1935

University of Oxford (MA in music);
University of York (D. Phil in composition)