john marlow rhys


An Abridged List of Compositions

2009 - 2010

Canto Sospeso, (2010)

Première December 2010, performed by Tim Hugh and Charles Wiffen

Deux Images, (2009, c. 11 minutes)
For string quartet

Première February 2010.

Intrada (2009, c. 9 minutes)
For symphony orchestra

Première on 21st November 2009 by the Ealing Symphony Orchestra. Conducted by John Gibbons


. . . and The Mountains are Dancing . . . are Dancing . . . (2008, c. 10 minutes)
Interludium for Symphony Orchestra

Première of revised version, Wokingham on 31st January 2010 by the West Forest Sinfonia. Conducted by Philip Ellis

De Profundis (2008, c. 20 minutes)
For harp, piano and four percussionists

Première Budapest May 2011

Preambulo Capriccioso(2008, c. 7 minutes)
For solo Celesta
Celestina's Dream (2008, c. 14 minutes)
Scored for mixed ensemble of 21 players

(picc.,fl.,cor.ang.,clar.,b.clar.,bn,,tbne. harp.piano,celesta,2 percussion,strings)

2006 - 2007

Primavera and La Luna Piena (spring 2006)
Song cycle for High Soprano and orchestra to poems by E E Cummings (c. 20 minutes)

This work was one of four short-listed from over four hundred scores submitted for the 2006 International Tansman Competition and it was given its première by Joanna Wos and the Lodz Philharmonic in November, 2006.

Palindrome (2007)
For violin and piano (c. 19 minutes)

This five movement work was commissioned by David Carhart and Sophie Langdon with funds from the R.V.W. Trust and given the first performance by them in London, May 2007

Autumn Interlude (November 2007, c.6' 30")
For piano and three percussionists
. . . and The Mountains are Dancing . . . are Dancing . . (2007)
Interludium for Symphony Orchestra


An American Bicycle (completed March 2004)
Ten contrasted songs for Mezzo Soprano, Baritone and Piano to texts by Emily Dickinson and e e cummings
  • "Spring Song"     (baritone)
  • "As imperceptibly as grief . . ."     (mezzo soprano)
  • "In just spring . . . "     (mezzo soprano)
  • "Who knows if the moon's a balloon . . . "     (baritone)
  • "Over silent waters . . . "     (mezzo soprano)
  • "When maggie and millie and molly and may . . ."      (baritone)
  • "O sweet spontaneous earth . . . "     (mezzo soprano)
  • "Safe in their alabaster chambers . . . "     (baritone)
  • "When faces called flowers . . . "     (mezzo soprano)
  • "Because I could not stop for Death . . . "     (baritone)

Four songs from the cycle have been created with orchestral accompaniment. They are:-

Spring Song and Because I Could Not Stop For Death for baritone and orchestra


As Imperceptibly As Grief and When Faces Called Flowers for mezzo-soprano and orchestra.

These songs may be performed individually or combined in various ways to form a 20 minute orchestral song cycle.

2001 - 2003

September (2001, c.16'00")
Scored for full orchestra: 2222/4/231/timps/two perc./pno./hp./strings. First performed at the Composers' Forum as part of the Spring Festival at York, by the Orchestra of Opera North and conducted by Garry Walker (May 2002)
"The Salon" by Leopold Godowsky (2001)
Piano piece arranged by John Marlow Rhys for String Quartet and later also for String Orchestra.
First performance of the string orchestra version in July 2003 in Saanen, Switzerland by the Yehudi Menuhin School Orchestra conducted by Malcolm Singer.
Frammenti Capricciosi (2002, c.8'00")
Scored for ensemble: Fl./picc.; Clr./bass clr.; String quartet, piano and percussion (one player)
Bartok's Umbrella (2003, c.19'00")
Scored for piano and two percussionists. ( Glock. Vibes. Xylo. Marimba, sets of drums for each player including three Timps. Cymbals, two Tam-tams etc.)

Première Hungarian Radio June 2006

First public performance Debrecen Conservatoire of Music September 2006
Epitaffio (June 2003, c.5'00")
Scored for String Orchestra (6,4,4,4,2 minimum).
In memory of Arthur Horwood.
"O Alter Duft . . ." (December 2003, c.17'00")
For Orchestra.

1998 - 2000

Contrejour A Venise (1998, c.7'00")
For piano and strings (performed at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond, Surrey, UK.) Now in revised form.
Passing Landscapes (1998, c.11'00")
For orchestra.
Thirty-two Cadenzas for Cello
For a CD of the complete Cello Concertos of Boccherini for a Naxos recording with Tim Hugh (cello) and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.
Ondeggiamento (1998, c.13'00")
For symphony orchestra.
Incontri (1999, c.12'00")
For Solo piano and Orchestra
Kinetika (2000, c.18'30")
For two pianos and two percussionists.

First performed in the Academy of Sciences in Budapest by the Egri/Pertis Piano Duo with Amadinda Percussion Group, March, 2001 and recorded by Hungarian Radio.

1986 - 1989

Pala d'Oro (1986, c.22'00")
For four amplified singers and instrumental ensemble. Commissioned by the Farnham Festival 1986. First perf. Farnham Maltings cond. the composer.
Telemachus Stopped at the Fountain (1986, c.6'00")
For mixed ensemble. Recorded by Capricorn Ensemble with Andrew Ball (piano) and Timothy Walker (guitar). BBC Radio 3
Resonemus Laudibus (1986 [Revised 1999], c.6'00")
For choir and instruments. Revised 1999 for four-part choir and organ.
Spring Dances (1988, c.28'00")
For amplified voices and large ensemble. First perf. Combined Esher and Farnham College musicians, Farnham Festival 1988, cond. the composer.
Water's Edge (1988, c.5'00")
For violin, cello, horn and piano. (for the Old Iselworth Festival)
Disconsolate Chimera (1989, c.18'00")
For cello and piano. Commissioned by Jane Hyland and Lionel Friend. First perf. Purcell Room, London
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (1989, c.25'00")
For eight-part choir and concertante organ. (With its very difficult and showy organ part this piece depends on a large cathedral-like acoustic.)
Four piano pieces (Various dates)
- Four individual occasional pieces now grouped together

1975 - 1985

Four Musicians (1975, c.25'00")
For solo cello and Spectrum Ensemble. Commission from the Oxford Bach Festival. (South Bank Première and BBC Radio 3)
Precipitevolissimevolmente (1977, c.6'00")
For soprano, piano and percussion (one player). First performed by Jane Manning at Musica Nova in Glasgow 1977.
Takt (1977)
For clarinet, violin, cello and piano. Recorded by Camaristi for BBC Radio 3. (Revised 1997)
Capriccio (1978, c.15'00")
For ensemble of eight players. Widely performed and broadcast in various countries. Selected by Zolt Durko for Anglo/Hungarian Festival in Budapest 1992. Perf. Wigmore Hall by The Nash Ensemble, Cond. Lionel Friend.
Aquileia (1985, c.31'00")
For large orchestra.

Première Scottish National Orchestra. (Broadcast on BBC Radio 3)

Two Portraits (1985, c.11'00")
For Fl./picc., Clar./b.clr., string quartet and piano. Commissioned by Spectrum for QEH concert. Revised version premièred at the Huddersfield Festival, November 1985.

1969 - 1974

Concertino (1969, c.8'00")
Fl./picc., clar., vn./Clo., perc., piano. First perf. Guildhall School of Music 1971, Ensemble cond. John Carewe
Sonata Aperta (1970, c.27'00")
Large concertante work for solo piano and mixed ensemble of strings, brass, woodwind and percussion
Interaction (1971, c.24'00")
For piano, two trumpets and two trombones.
Volte-Face (1972, c.28'00")
Music-Theatre for soprano, declaimer, mimers and small orchestra (produced in London and later at Kiel Opera in Germany)
Hillborough Music (1974, c.25'00")
For woodwind quartet, brass quartet, string quartet and three percussionists. (based on material from Volte-Face)